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Brilliant, Emotive, Poignant

Original music and songs from the acclaimed National Theatre production.

The evocative, emotional and richly orchestrated score for the National Theatre's multi-award-winning tale of the touching relationship between a young boy and a foal who are separated by the outbreak of World War I and unexpectedly reunited on the bloody battlefields of France.

With an original score by Adrian Sutton and songs by celebrated folk singer and musician John Tams, the music beautifully captures the tender bond between boy and horse and vividly evokes the horror and heroism of war.

The recording also features Tim van Eyken, winner of the first BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and an orchestral backing.

Listed by The Stage in 2011 as one of the Best Theatre CDs of the year.


An essential cast album to own... the War Horse soundtrack features a lush, cinematic score. Sutton's compositions effectively evoke the sorrow of (the young boy), the calm of the countryside, the frightening landscape of war, and the pain of loss. 

The tone ranges from a deceptively simple soliloquy to full-throttle battle orchestra brilliant, emotive, poignant, and explosive... get the War Horse soundtrack and be mesmerized by this story told in pure sound." Theater

"Generates considerable excitement... and compressed but powerfully cogent studies of excitement, anticipation, fear..Perhaps the most arresting writing is The Tank, with its terse, angular, arrhythmic brass and percussion, conveying its otherworldly inhumanity adeptly."

"Evocative, quietly moving music."
The Stage


Adrian Sutton


John Tams


Tim van Eyken
John Tams


1. Devon At Peace
2. Only Remembered
3. Albert And Joey
4. The Year Turns Around Again
5. First Gallop
6. Learning To Plough
7. Wheel Of Fortune
8. The Scarlet And The Blue
9. Crossing The Channel
10. The Wounded
11. Devonshire Carol
12. The Charge
13. Hold The Line
14. Goodbye Dolly Grey
15. Friedrich’s Theme
16. Emilie’s Theme
17. Into The Crater
18. Pulling The Gun
19. The Year Turns Around Again (reprise)
20. The Tank
21. Joey’s Long Night
22. Albert And Joey Reunited
23. Only Remembered (reprise)


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