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Exhilarating Music

Thomas Middleton's blood-soaked Jacobean drama The Revenger's Tragedy was directed by Melly Still for the National Theatre in 2008.

Co-written by Adrian and DJ duo differentGear, the score blends delicate 17th-century pastiche passages shot through with impossibly fragile melodies and a magnificently muscular, occasionally menacing, electronic accompaniment. It's a unique but highly effective marriage of old and new, poetry and power.


Adrian Sutton
DJ duo differentGear


Melly Still


"The production is blessed with clarity, a hurtling pace, and an atmosphere of decadent loucheness, while the mixture of baroque and modern dance music works a treat."
Daily Telegraph

"The stage revolves to show secret chambers and dark corridors under a spread of paintings of heavy-limbed Renaissance voluptuaries. There is a beautiful fluting song from a countertenor."
The Guardian

"The exhilarating music, blending operatic voices with beats provided by DJ duo differentGear, add to the productions sense of momentum. This is a production of spectacle and excess."

"There is some extraordinary live music by Adrian Sutton and club DJs differentGear, sliding from madrigals to monster mash."

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