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Mark Ravenhill's adaptation of Terry Pratchett's fantasy novel

Nation was first seen at the National Theatre, directed and co-designed by Melly Still, in 2009. It was broadcast live to cinemas worldwide in January 2010.

Set in a mid-Victorian fantasy world, Nation follows two teenagers born worlds apart who are thrown together when a tsunami submerges Mau's village and shipwrecks Daphne on his remote South Sea island. As they struggle and succeed in coping with the brute new world catastrophe has compelled upon them, and chaperoned and chided by a foul-mouthed parrot, they learn to communicate and co-operate with each other as both come of age against seemingly impossible odds.

Adrian's music captures the fantasy of Pratchett's fantasy, the theatricality of Ravenhill's adaptation, the exoticism of the South Seas and the innocence and blooming maturity of the marooned teenagers with brightness, boldness and tenderness.


Terry Pratchett


Mark Ravenhill


Adrian Sutton


Melly Still


"Thrilling music composed by Adrian Sutton."
The Stage

"Atmospheric music."