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BBC Radio 1 late-night comedy series

Blue Jam was an experimental comedy created by Chris Morris for BBC Radio 1 and broadcast in the early hours of the morning. It ran for three series (each of six hour-long episodes) from 1997-99.

Described by the BBC as "the funniest nightmare you never had", its team of writers included Father Ted creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews.

Its first five episodes were repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra in February and March 2014.

A compilation of 21 sketches from the series was released on Warp Records.

Adrian and Chris ambient electronic score provided a subtly atmospheric underpinning for each episode, blending seamlessly with material by an eclectically wide range of artists and bands.


Adrian Sutton & Chris Morris


Chris Morris


"All the spoken material is meticulously manipulated and combined with a dreamy ambient soundtrack (Funki Porcini, Jimi Tenor, Brian Eno, Propellerheads, Clifford Gilberto, as well as original material by Morris and Adrian Sutton) that's dark, shocking, hilarious and disturbing."
The Guardian

"Blue Jam sets out to shock and succeeds but the shock is deadened partly by the transcendental music and the fact that you are laughing so much."
The Observer

"The format Morris had adopted is to create a perverse sound garden, out of which grotesquely comic flowers grow. His choice of music with which to segue these sketches is odd to say the least, the wilder fringes of Muzak-inspired trip-hop remixed with croaky old blues and the occasional piece of mutant bubble gum. There is no further contextualising: just the music swirling in and out and then the inimitably weird Morris sketches."
Will Self, Times Magazine

"Hypnotic music“ from (Serge) Gainsbourg, The Beatles, and (Brian) Eno, to Beck, Bjork and Mercury Rev“ is played in between dark-humoured sketches."

"Downright frightening and alternately gut-bustingly hilarious with a disorientating ambient/down-tempo soundtrack."