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War Horse Suite (2014)
symphonic poem for orchestra and optional solo baritone based on the music from the National Theatre's stage play War Horse (24')
Catalogue AS010
A3 conductor's score or A4 reference score (70 pages)
2 Fl (II dbl picc.)/ 2 Ob./ 2 Cl. (II dbl Eb/bass)/ 2 Bsn., 4 Hn/ 3 Tpt./ 2 Trb./ bass trb./tuba, Timp, Perc. (2 players), Hp., Strings (min, optional Songman (baritone)
Price: A3: £40 + VAT A4: £20 + VAT


Sinfonietta (2013) for orchestra (12')
Catalogue AS015
A3 conductor's score or A4 reference score (46 pages)
2 Fl (II dbl picc.)/ 2 Ob. (II dbl. C.A.)/ Cl. in Bb, Bass Cl.,  2 Bsn., 2 Hn/ 2 Tpt., Timp, Perc. (1 player: S.D., Cyms, Vib.), Hp., Strings (min
Price: A3: £28 + VAT A4: £15 + VAT


Some See Us (2014) anthem for boys' cambiata/young baritone- or adult tenor/baritone chorus and orchestra, commissioned for 2014 BBC Proms, words by Jonathan James (6')
Catalogue AS019
A3 conductor's score or A4 reference score (29 pages)
2 Fl/ 2 Ob./2 Cl./ 2 Bsn, 4 Hn./ 3 Tpt./ 2 Trb. /Bass Trb. /Tuba, Timp, Perc. (1 player), Hp, Strings (min., Singers (large group of cambiate and young baritone voices, or adult tenor/baritone voices, Baritone soloist)
Price: A3: £28 + VAT A4: £15 + VAT



Polperro Beach from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2013) piano arr.
Catalogue AS020
A4, 2 pages
Price: £2.50 + VAT



Spring Masque (2012) for violin/viola duet (5')
Catalogue AS014
A4 combined score and separate violin/viola parts
Price: £4.50 + VAT


Paxo Tango (2003) Aria from Newsnight: The Opera (BAC) for soprano, baritone, violin, viola, cello, piano (6')
Catalogue AS005
A4 (33 pages)
Price: £4.50 + VAT